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Born in Vancouver, Canada, Michael Aaron Cheng is a Canadian actor known for his versatile, masculine and buff look. He found his passion in acting when he was 15 years old, after choosing drama as one of his electives in high school. He then went on to take courses in production and filmmaking. After deciding to pursue acting full time, he obtained an acting school diploma from School Creative. For the past 11 years, his passion for acting has continued to thrive and develop. The industry has shaped his appreciation for the art of human interaction, and unlocked his own potential for acting, modeling and stunt work. His commitment to the industry is the by-product of his burning passion for the craft of acting.

After high school, Michael was involved with a non-profit organization called Miscellaneous Productions for 3 years. During this time, he performed shows for his community and developed core roots in the theatre industry. Briefly considering a career in the trades, Michael chose to instead follow his passion for acting, and turned his attention to film and television.

In his first short, entitled Love in Motion, Michael was the producer, the writer and the lead actor. Michael has various credits for both acting and stunt work, including the feature film The Interview, the TV series Untold Stories of the ER, and a commercial for Gillette which spanned internationally. Michael also performed at The Vancouver Fringe Festival for two of their productions.

His versatile Asian appearance allows him to portray a variety of ethnicities on-screen, including Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Hawaiian, Filipino, Vietnamese and Taiwanese. Often seen by casting as the good-looking, physically fit, masculine and buff Asian, Michael continues to transcend his physical appearance. Always being proactive in his everyday choices has fuelled his passion and drive to succeed.

Known for his passionate embodiment of Bruce Lee, Michael grew up watching Bruce Lee films and was cast as Bruce Lee in a themed catalogue photoshoot for Native Shoes due to his resemblance of the celebrity. His other modelling credits include being a finalist for Canada's Sharpest Man (ranking #1 in Vancouver) which was a contest put on by Sharp Magazine and The Bay.

When Michael is not on set or on stage, he can be seen in his hometown of Vancouver, hiking the Grouse Grind, training at Steve Nash gym, or practicing martial arts. As acting is the art of self-discovery, Michael continues to explore life's challenges and his own potential.